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Our Story

When two strong forces meet each other, there are a multitude of possible outcomes.
As Aetos Drones and Trinova we saw the potential in partnering up to provide an evolved service in our home turf: the Port of Antwerp.

Heading forward into the future we will continue together as Haviq. With ambition and an urge for innovation we aim to provide the highest quality service for everyone. Combining Trinova’s knowledge of flares, thermography and top level safety procedures with the industry experience of Aetos drones, bringing high quality reality modeling, indoor-piloting mastery and years of challenging drone inspections we formed Haviq.
We remain under the wings of Groep Maes, as they are a strong supporter of innovation and future technology, combined with decades of industry experience: providing us with oportunities and possibilities we would never be able to have. Of course we reach far beyond the port, operating not just in Belgium but in the entire Benelux, France and Germany. With a unified European drone-law in sight we are preparing for the future, not just ours, but also your future.

Aetos Drones x Trinova

As we are developping our company and brand, our website will evolve along. For now we invite you to take a look at our old websites to find out about the possibilities of drones.


We offer a wide range of drone services, including aerial inspection, photogrammetry, indoor inspection and high level thermography, optical gas imaging and much more.