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Nowadays, a perfect inspection of a large construction is possible with the help of a professional drone. Because of the technological advancements within the drone industry, the newest professional drones are capable of the unthinkable. Choose an inspection by Aetos Drones and receive all the smallest details in the blink of an eye.

See the invisible with a professional drone

Aetos Drones makes impossible tasks possible by using the most professional drones. For example, by means of infrared cameras, our drones are able to make thermal images of large areas or buildings. 3D images of all kinds of areas can easily be created as well. A professional drone or UAV can fly hundreds of metres high. Because of their powerful batteries, the device stays in the sky for a very long time, which makes an analysis of a big area possible. Even continuous measurements on location are an option. Every drone that we work with is controlled by professional and certified pilots.

Aetos Drones has a wide area of expertise

Aetos Drones can inspect and capture all inaccessible and interesting spots, all kinds of constructions and areas, outdoors and indoors. We are, among others, specialised in (petro)chemistry, oil, gas and nuclear sites. The wind industry also belongs to our professional field of expertise. Take a look at our other services, like inspection of wind turbine blades. Safety takes centre-stage within our company. Do you have questions about our services? Call +32 3 466 15 30 or contact us via the online contact form.

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