Thanks to our drones, we are able to carry out fast and efficient inspections of all technical installations. We fly 360° round the object that we need to to inspect and thus we have a precise look at every detail.

By means of photogrammetry and measurements with reference points we can very easily provide 3D models. All our findings are presented in a professional report and reviewed with you.We are in charge of every step from inspection to the actual repair, which makes working with us very practical and efficient.

In case of high voltage, we examine the condition of the insulators, the metal structures, ...

Spots that are very difficult to access, barrages, bridges, lock chambers, smokestacks and technical installations are thoroughly inspected. Cracks and other defects are made visible through crystal-clear images of high resolution cameras.

Solar panel inspections are carried out by means of a thermic camera and yield an automatic recognition of hot and cold spots. This way defects can be detected in a very early stage,

Thanks to a crash resistant ball and built-in lighting, combined with our extended know-how, we are your ultimate partner to execute drone inspections on indoor areas. The compact size of this multi-copter allows us to enter nearly every space that is, for whatever reason, hard to access or damaging to persons and other machines.

Wind turbine blades do not need to be repositioned each time, alllowing us to carry out more inspections in a day. In addition, our sister company Ouros can provide you with repair services of rotor blades. (