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A drone offers many services that are needed within a lot of industries and work fields. Nowadays, we are all more or less familiar with using drones for promotional video’s and personal use. You might not think about it, but drone services are wide ranging. Aetos Drones is specialized in all kinds of functions that drones are able to fulfil. From industrial inspections to the high-quality video recording.

Drone services for every purpose you can think of

Aetos Drones offers many different drone services, which are all carried out by competent people with the help of the most professional equipment available. Not only the drones, but the cameras too are hypermodern and technologically advanced. One of our drone services entails, for example, inspecting an area with infrared cameras to locate spots which are difficult to reach by humans. Our drones also contain GPS, so we know the exact location of every picture that is taken in the inspection area. Another very useful function of our drones is the possibility to make 3D images of large areas (mapping). In short, almost anything you can imagine in terms of analysing or capturing large areas is possible with our drone services.

You will always get the best results

All the inspection services include, of course, an extensive research report, so you can anticipate problems in the future and make long-term plans. Contact us and we will give you the all the information about our methods and the best advice. Call +32 3 466 15 30 to get answers to all your questions.

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