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About us

Aetos Drones offers services with drones. Our many years of experience gained in the industrial world enables us to go that extra mile compared with regular drone pilots. Our company holds an SCC certification and thanks to our background as part of Groep Maes, we have a great deal of expertise in the (Petro) chemical and oil and gas industries, wind energy and the construction sector.

Our UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are equipped with sensors to capture data. We collect information of an object via remote sensing and hereby map your assets: visually, thermally or as a 3D model.  Does it sound like ‘music to your ears’ to be able to inspect your installation from the comfort and safety of your own desk from now on?  We can arrange this for you, accurately and professionally reported, and if desired; in collaboration with an officially recognised inspection body.

Even the smallest details of historical monuments and buildings are mapped with scatterplots, cross-sections and plans to facilitate renovation, restoration and conservation projects.

Is determining the volume of sand stockpiles a tricky job for you? We are happy to help you; let our drones measure the volumes in no time at all. We work from the air so there is no need to have materials moved or climbed over. You will gain efficiency and increase the safety of your working environment. We guarantee accuracy through the use of surveying drones.

Drones offer fascinating possibilities that we cannot do without in the future. Recent developments have added a new dimension, also to industrial activities. Big data, Industry 4.0, BIM, digital twins… What is this all about? Get smarter now!

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Meet the team

We are a team of 3 certified pilots, all holders of a Class 1A license.
Our passion for technology drives us to help our customers to contemplate ground-breaking solutions which ultimately make life safer and easier. With our pioneering vision, we endeavour to remain at the forefront of bringing the newest technologies to the market. Do you have a challenge for us?


500+ flighthours
Full GWO
BE en NL Certification


Full GWO
Reality modeller
BE en NL brevet


Full GWO
Thermographer level 1
BE brevet

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