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Drones at industrial level

Aetos Drones is specialized in the industrial application of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), better known as drones. More and more industrial inspections can be carried out efficiently and safely with the use of drones. Group Maes didn’t ignore that. As a group of companies that specializes in working at heights, a drone company cannot be missed. With decades of experience in working at heights, Aetos Drones knows better than anyone how to help the customer to meet his needs at height.

Via remote sensing, we map various assets visually, thermally and three-dimensionally. We do this for clients from, among others, the petrochemical industry, the construction industry and (wind) energy. Thanks to UAV’s, we collect technical data in a safe and efficient manner, saving our customers time and money. The data we collect using / with the use of a drone are extremely accurate. This gives you the necessary detailed information to make operational decisions in no time and with minimal risk. We can easily visualize both hard-to-reach places and large surfaces, both outdoor and indoor. 

We are a motivated team that does not fear any challenge! Thanks to high-quality cameras and advanced drones, we generate data for ortho photos, digital height models, point clouds and 3D models of flare tips, wind turbines, solar panels, furnaces, bridges, power lines, dams, locks, monuments etc. Do you want to know more or can we do something for you, please contact us! 

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Aetos Drones now offers all its services throughout Europe. From July 2020, European regulations come into effect and flying in neighboring countries becomes relatively easy. Only for specific assignments that involve a higher risk due to environmental factors (port, industry …) you still need a specialized partner to perform your flight. And this just so happens to be one of our strengths in which we have already built up years of expertise. Our in-depth risk analysis, redundant devices and experienced pilots offer a guarantee of a qualitative and safe service. Thanks to our experience we can fly BVLOS, beyond visual line of sight, carry a load and even be able to perform autonomous flights.

Right from the start, Aetos Drones has concentrated on safety and is the only Belgian drone company that has a VCA certificate with the ability to perform work in the (petro) chemistry as well as the oil and gas industry in full knowledge.

For the wind industry, we obtained our GWO certificates including sea survival so that we can also carry out inspections at sea.

Our team is at your service 24/7 and carries out every assignment professionally for you.

Presentation cathedral gr monument x de naeyer

That we made a model of the cathedral tower is now old news. If you missed this, you can read more about it here. However, we had the honor to talk about this at the workshop of a student group. This workshop was organized by the KU...

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Inspection wind turbines France

The first blade inspections also start with the first sun. Last week our team in France was under the windmills for the first blades of the season. The turbines with a blade length of 57 m were inspected in just under one hour per...

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